• product name:EPDM near prime ex Mitsui Chemcials in Japan/China

    Product Category:RUBBER

    Product Description:EPT/EPDM is a material which excels in processability weather resistance heat aging resistance electrical insulation properties cold resistance and chemical resistance.

product manual

Product Description:


EPT/EPDM  is a material which excels in processability, weather resistance, heat aging resistance, electrical insulation properties, cold resistance, and chemical resistance.These properties are ideal in applications such as (but not limited to) automotive weatherstrips and hoses, building materials, and electrical cables.

EPT/EPDM specializes in specially designed polymers which competitors cannot match, allowing the manufacturer to develop not only high performance products but quality products which exceed customer expectations.

EPT/EPDM is backed by experts who provide excellent technical support to each and every customer and adjust to their every demand, whether it is a general grade selection for a certain application, formulation adjustments for improved properties, or cost reduction methods. 


We are the exclusive agent for Mitsui Chemicals.So we can provide all the EPDM near prime grades ex Mitsui Chemicals to you with factory  price.


Product Apperance:



Product Grade:


 Pellet Grade:




11.Automotive parts (glass run channel, hoses, lamp seal, weatherstrip sponge, etc.)

22.Electric wire sheathing

33.Waterproof / roofing sheet

44.Industrial parts (electrical parts, steam hose, conveyer belt, etc.)



In 25kg bale, 750kgs into one steel box .

It regards as common products either for sea ocean transporation or air-frieght.