• product name:Cationic latex for road maintenance and repairs

    Product Category:LATEX

    Product Description:Cationic latex

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 Cationic Latex

Cationic latex is commonly used in modified asphalt to avoid cracking of asphalt at low temperature and deforming at high temperature. Once contacting stone, the cationic latex modified asphalt emulsion will gel quickly, making asphalt firmly adhere to the surface of the stone. Therefore, whether in winter or rainy seasons, it will not affect the construction quality. It is particularly suitable for road maintenance and repairs.


The solid content of Banco’s cationic latex is 64%, the highest in China. Its performance is stable, reaching international advanced standards.

performance parameters:





milk white

particle charge

positive charge





viscosity(brookfield RVT, 3#, 100rpm, 20℃) 



Adding amount:

The solid content of latex can’t be less than 3.5% in asphalt modification, or it will be barely possible for 

SBR to structure a wet after permeation, which subsequently decreases the effect of modification.


Special properties:

1. Excellent in aging resistance and extension, adopted to modify emulsified asphalt, getting its softening 

temperature up to more than 57℃ and its extension to more than 100 cm in low temperature(5 ℃). 

2. Excellent in stabilization in low temperature. The latex will completely thaw out from being frozen at -15 

℃, no other changes attached. 



cationic latex uses 200-liter plastic vessel, wet weight 198kg, should be stored in a clean, cool storage, avoid from direct sunshine.

Storage period for 6 months with the temperature at 15- 40℃.


Stirring the product before using it.