• product name:Sponge Carpet Backing Latex Compound ( CF series)

    Product Category:LATEX

    Product Description:Carpet Backing Latex

product manual

Sponge Carpet Backing Latex compound ( CF series) 

Banco’s CF series are Eco-friendly products made of natural rubber latex, with good elasticity , abrasive resistance and laundry-resistance .

CF series consist of 4 components ranged from A to D:

Component A: Latex compound. It is made up of Latex, filler foaming agent, gelling senstizer,etc.
Component B: Vulcanization system
Component C: Gelling agent
Component D:  Foam Stabilizer
CF series have 3 types of products, including common type, easy operating type , and sourness-free type : - The common type of CF series are suitable for the common production line .

Latex compound . It is made up of latex, filler, foaming agent, gelling sensitizer, etc. Vulcanization system.
Gelling agent.
Foam stabilizer.

- The easy operating type of CF series has the advantage that components of A, B, C, D can be mixed in a tank in advanced, then no need to adjust the dosage of gelling agent in the production, which makes the producing operation simple. However, the mixture of component A, B, C, and D must be used up within three hours

- Sourness-free type of CF Series is featured by no residual sourness, but its curing speed is about 1-2 minutes slower than that of common type of CF series.

Banco Company, based on specific situation of each customer’s manufacturing equipment, requirements of process and products, specifically adjust and provide the most suitable formular to satisfy each customer. We have established clients’ information files recording detailed data of each customer's equipment, processes, requirements, etc., based on which our technical and production departments can provide customers with individualized quality service. 







1.  Component A,B should be stirred well before use ,this is important for stable quality of products .

2.  Curing temperature lower than 130°C is good for abrasive resistance .

3.  Component D will lower the gelling speed while stabilizing the foam , so the user should adjust the dosage according to the production condition to get the best effect .

4.  Delamination of component D after long time storage is normal phenomena , it will no affect the quality after stirring well . 



CF series uses 1000 liters of plastic packaging, should be stored in a clean, cool storage, avoid from direct sunshine.


Storage period for 6 months with the temperature at 5- 40℃.