• product name:Rubber accelerator ZBEC

    Product Category:RUBBER ACCELERATOR

    Product Description:Rubber accelerator ZBEC

product manual



Properties:  White powder.


Applications:   Safe-processing secondary accelerator.Can be used as primary in latex.High resi stance to hydrol ysis,lowsolubility in rubbers.Fast at higher vulcani sati on temperatur es.It has longest anti-scor ching capability in the di thiocarbamates.Recogni sed to have low nitrosami ne potenti al Used in sheeting,extrusions and latex.Used in NR,IIR,SBR,and EPDM.

Package:20 or  25kg plastic woven bag,paper with plastic film bag, kraft paper bag.

Storage:The product should be stored in the dry and cooling place with good ventilation,avoiding exposure of the packaged product to direct sunlight.Since the date of production,the storage period is 24 months.

Notes:The product could be ultratine powder based on customer accurate requirement.