• product name:Zinc stearate

    Product Category:STABILIZER

    Product Description:PVC heat stabilizer zinc stearate

product manual


Zinc Stearate is white,fine powder,insoluble in water,ethanol,ethyl ether,soluble in hot ethanol,turpentine,benzene and other organic solvents.It is combustible,satiny,non-toxic,no hot organic solvents,then cool,it changes to be colloid.When mixed with hot and strong acid,barium stearate can be decomposed into stearic acid and corresponding salts.



Plastic Processing:As non toxic heat stabilizer,lubricant,dispersant,mould releasing agent in PVC,and usually can be used with calcium and barium soap.

Rubber Auxiliaries: As lubricant,mould releasing agent and accelerants in rubber processing.

Other Area: As dispersant agent,blowing agent,waterproofing agent,lubricant in powder metallurgy,pencil refill,textiles,coated paper,cement.Used for cosmetic powder materials.



Package and Storage:

25 kg/woven bag.Store in a cool,dry and ventilated place.