• product name:Surfactant LSA Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate

    Product Category:PLASTICIZER

    Product Description:Surfactant LSA

product manual

Performance and application:
LAS has the performance of rich and fine foam, low degreasing ability, low irritation to skin and hair, no damnification, good biodegradation, etc. It can obviously improve the combability and smoothness of hair. Its mild cleaning performance makes smoothness to skin. Therefore, it is especially suitable for the application in high standard shampoo, bubble bath, baby shampoo, hand cleaner, and other foaming washing products. Compounded with AESA, the effect will enhance. This product is not suitable for alkaline system. The recommended dosage is 5-30%.

Under the circumstance of high temperature (above 40 degrees centigrade) or acidic condition (pH≤5), LSA will be decomposed. This cause its hydrolyzation. Considering this situation, the product should be stored under the circumstance of lower than 40 degrees centigrade. In its pH ranges, LSA is especially suitable for propagation of microorganism. During sampling or application, attention shall be taken to prevent microorganism contamination. Try to carry out the work under germless conditions.


Technical data:

Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate LSA Domestic Detergent Surfactant

Packaging: 110kg /160kg(n.w.) per plastic drum.

Storage: Store this product in dry and cool place, kept away from sunshine and rain.

Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate LSA Domestic Detergent Surfactant