• product name:Rubber accelerator ZPDC

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    Product Description:rubber accelerator ZPDC

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Properties :White powder,non-toxic.Soluble in methylene chloride,slightly soluble in gasoline,benzene,carbon tetrachloride,acetone,insoluble in ethanol and water.


Applications:This product is used as natural rubber,styrene-butadiene rubber and latex promoter.Low critical vulcanize temperature,mixing should pay particular attention to scorch.When vulcanization temperature  higher than 121℃sulfide flatness narrowed sharply.Curing speed faster than thiuram promoter,suitable for rapid vulcanizing,also suitable for the hot air and water insoluble accelerator latex vulcanized.This product should be match with zincoxide.In addition to use alone,also can be used as secondary accelerator of thiazoles.ZPDC No pollution,vulcanized rubber no osmyl,no taste.Mainly used for manufacture of latex  products,adhesive tape and rubber shoes.General dosage is 0.15~1.


Storage :The product should be stored in the dry and cooling place with good ventilation,avoiding exposure of the packaged product to direct sunlight.Since the date of production,the storage period is24 months.


Notes :The product could be ultrafine powder based on customer accurate requirement.

Packaging:20 or 25kg plastic woven bag,paper with plastic film bag,kraft paper bag or jumbo bag.